Sooo… it seems like you’ve finished your thesis and you are close to printing, submitting it to your supervisor and heading to the pub to have a relaxing beer, right?

CONGRATULATIONS for coming this far!
It has been a long way, right? You are almost there!

But Wait a Minute!

It’s not time to print or submit! …This is what you MUST do:

  1. Don’t go to the pub. Instead, get yourself a beer (or coffee, or water. But avoid tea. It tastes like strange hot water. Only the British like it).
  2. Find a comfortable place in your flat to work for the next hour.
  3. Open the beer. (Don’t tell me you made tea…).

But please note: This is not a definitive list!

These are just a few reminders I suggest you go through before submitting, to avoid silly mistakes and annoy your reviewers. But feel free to discuss them with your supervisor!

Here is the Checklist for You!

DOWNLOAD: - Thesis Checklist Before Submission.pdf

Preparing for Your Presentation!

What a champion! Now that you’ve downloaded the checklist and made the final adjustments, I declare that you can now officially PRINT it, SUBMIT it and enjoy the wonders of having peace of mind!

But… You probably will have to present and defend your thesis to your reviewers! Some universities might call it “colloquium”, others name it “oral defense”. So I have also created some recommendations that hopefully will be helpful for you! Simply click here!


I truly wish you all the absolute best!

And if this was useful to you, please share your story with us!

Ph.D in Marketing (University of Otago, New Zealand). Currently a Professor of Marketing at IUBH University of Applied Sciences (Germany). Passionate about everything that involves Music, Marketing, Technology and the Future. And always up for Coffee, Beer, Football and Formula 1.