DESCRIPTION: “Melodic Ideas” is a video series in which we interviews 34 students and academics questions about Music, Marketing, technology and Life. The purpose of the series is to trigger a reflection on viewers while contrasting different points of view.


DESCRIPTION: In our “Book Recommendation” series we share references from various fields, not only marketing or management. Books related to music, statistics, consumer behavior and much more. Ideas can come from everywhere and the more we open our minds to all areas, the more we are able to connect ideas and develop creative solutions.


DESCRIPTION: Writing a thesis or dissertation can be a very challenging process. In the “Thesis / Dissertation Support” series we take you through all steps of writing a dissertation, chapter by chapter. The suggestions are mostly related to management or marketing topics, but can also be applied to other fields.


DESCRIPTION: Statistics or using SPSS software can be a difficult topic for some students. We fully understand and this is exactly why we have developed a “SPSS TUTORIAL” series! We introduce you to the software and take you step-by-step through a series of statistical tests, showing in detail how to conduct and interpret the results.