Are you a marketing student or professional that wishes to be currently updated with the most important industry and societal news?

Very frequently during my lecturers students either ask me to suggest some sources to follow or I feel that some sources I mention are not known to them.

Thus, I have developed a thorough list to support you!

Sources are organized into four categories:

a. Business; b. Innovation; c. Science; and d. Entertainment/World News.

Check also suggestions of YOUTUBE channels for marketing students to follow!

My main suggestion is: “Follow” all sources and after some time keep the ones you’ve preferred or that best matches your interests. But give them all a chance!

Ps: Sources are listed in alphabetical order, under each topic.

Here we go!

CATEGORY: Business

Description: In this section you find sources that provide a general overview of business and marketing. They’ll include new product releases, market trends and more.

  1. American Marketing Association
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Financial Times
  4. Fortune
  5. Harvard Business Review
  6. Inc. Magazine
  7. MIT Technology Review
  8. The Economist
  9. Wall Street Journal

CATEGORY: Innovation

Description: It is certainly difficult to keep up with innovation. There are so many companies, start-ups, new products and services, as technology never sleeps. Find below a brief mix of AI, AR, robotics, VR and much more.

  1. AR VR Magazine
  2. Boston Dynamics
  3. DeepMind
  4. Digital Trends
  5. Futurism
  6. IBM Watson
  7. Next VR
  8. Recode
  9. Singularity Hub
  10. Singularity University
  11. Sony CSL
  12. SpaceX
  13. Tech Insider
  14. Tested
  15. The Next Web
  16. The Verge
  17. Transcendent Man
  18. Wired
  19. Y Combinator


Description: All great marketers were people with a good sense of other areas of science and also of the world. Enrich your general knowledge and you will have many more creative solutions and understanding of complex problems. Here are some interesting sources:

  1. Big Think
  2. Code
  3. Gapminder
  4. I F****** Love Science
  5. MIT Open Course Ware
  6. Science
  7. Science Daily 
  8. TED
  9. TEDx Talks
  10. World Economic Forum

CATEGORY: Entertainment and World News 

Description: Finally, it is also important to be informed of world events and, potentially be also entertained. Here are a few suggestions of how you can do so:

  1. Last Week Tonight
  2. NPR – National Public radio
  3. Reuters
  4. The Conversation
  5. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
  6. The New York Times

Final Thoughts

PLEASE NOTE: There are certainly other sources that are equally, if not more, interesting than the ones listed here. But these are the ones I most frequently follow on my social media and would recommend

Personally I believe that by following them too you’ll be able to absolutely boost your mind with interesting content, having more ideas and insights into various topics. It will certainly impact positively your studies and your career!

So I hope the list is useful for you and let me know which other sources you believe I should add.

I would certainly enjoy editing the list to improve it!