What really makes a great concert? It certainly does not come down simply to the artist, the lighting, the choreography, the band or the special effects. During an artists’ tour, the structure of shows are generally always the same. But the final experience are not.

There is an extremely important factor that changes every night: The audience engagement.

A great crowd and atmosphere makes an amazing concert. However, as discussed previously at LiveInnovation.org, engagement during concerts are being compromised due higher and higher mobile phone usage during concerts. So how can artists change this? Is it possible to enhance the complete concert experience in a way that the whole crowd is more engaged with the concert experience?

Co-creation is perhaps the best answer to this issue. Co-creation is a business paradigm that understands that companies should work WITH consumer, and not FOR consumers on the development of product, brand or service value.

Thus, especially in face of social media era, co-creation has become a vital tool in modern marketing, as it encourages a more active involvement of the consumer with the product. In social media, for example, users have the opportunity to generate value by sharing their various forms of content regarding a brand (e.g. photos, recommendations, own ideas).

And during concerts this means one main thing: engagement with the show.

Here are some examples are of co-creation between artist and the crowd:

Furthermore, artists have used tangible products suitable for concerts which would allow the concert visitors to be more actively involved into the whole show.  It has become an opportunity to not only enhance the whole concert experience for the concert visitor, and also add value to the artist’s complete tour. Such tangible products have contributed to the concert experience as visitors can share their extraordinary experience on social media afterwards.

One of the best examples of a very effective product which fulfills these requirements are LED Bracelets. These bracelets and similar solutions are offered globally by two major companies: Xylobands and Pixmob. Usually the bracelets are sold directly to the artist or concert organizer and handed to visitors prior to the concert.

But how exactly do LED bracelets work? Each company has a slightly different design, but both include LED lights and a chip which can connect to the lighting or video system of the concert production. This means the bracelets light up in sync with the light show and the music in various colors.

Try to visualize a crowd of 15000 people wearing these bracelets and every bracelet glows in connection with the whole show. Can you imagine how amazing the atmosphere is? If not, no problem just take a look at these videos from: Taylor Swift and Coldplay.

But how interested are music fans in LED bracelets?

We conducted in-depth interviews with 20 concert goers waiting in queue for a concert in Cologne, Germany in October 2016. All participants were aged between 20 and 30 years. Interestingly, all participants revealed high interest in having LED bracelets for music concerts. Interactivity and connectivity among the crowd, the artist and the show was the greatest factor commented by respondents. Results revealed that there is also a high willingness to pay for such product, as the average price participants were willing to pay for LED bracelets was 12€.

Thus, LED bracelets have a huge potential to be directly sold to the concert visitors. Another interesting result of our study was that the wish for a customized bracelet, especially concerning tour and artist name, was very strong. The majority of respondents also said that they would like to continue wearing this bracelet after the concert and the customization of the bracelet would even strengthen this desire.

Even though the sample size of this preliminary study was relatively small (even for an exploratory study), it still provides us an indication that LED bracelets have a great potential for co-creation during concerts and can certainly increase the engagement of concert visitors with the show.

Although price is still a barrier for independent artists and its use during smaller concerts is questionable, it is expected that with time LED bracelets will improve quality and become cheaper.

So we definitely look forward to the time when it will become extremely popular!