At we seek to permanently develop studies which involve both the industry and students, and that contribute by providing insights to timely topics. We would like to now present a new initiative: Live AM (Artist Monitor).

Live AM: Artist Monitor represents a research initiative that aims to understand the perceptions of musicians on various relevant topics related to society and the music industry.

In this first study, together with Prof. Dr. Damian Leschik, at IUBH University of Applied Sciences, the focus is on investigating the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on musicians in Germany. The study investigates factors such as creativity, the use of social media, perceptions towards governmental support and from the private sector, and well-being during this period.

Thus, we aim to collaborate with independent musicians and stakeholders of the industry to be able to reach as many musicians in Germany as possible.

We believe it is of immense importance to provide a permanent platform to listen to musicians, hear their opinions and ideas beyond music composition. We believe this is one important step to further developing the industry network. This is our goal!

Would You Like to Participate?

Participation in the research work is voluntary. You can terminate your participation at any time during the online survey. If you decide to participate in the research, you cannot reclaim your data after the data analysis.

So are you a musician in Germany? Please answer the survey below or click here.

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PS: The online questionnaire is stored separately on a secure database and is analyzed and used for academic purposes only. Should you have any further questions or need clarification, please contact the following contact person: