Currently at we are developing a study to contribute to a fast growing consumer behavior phenomenon:

The transition from ownership of products to the consumption of products’ core values through service.

This time we are applying it to a context that we deeply love: Music. Thus, overall the study aims to compare the perceptions and behaviors of vinyl buyers and music streaming users.

The study was conceived, and is being supervised, by Prof. Dr. Francisco Tigre Moura and Dr. Cansu Oral. Currently there are 6 very talented students working on the project while developing undergraduate and Masters level theses: Ana Paula Quintanilla, Catalina Xiaomara Castillo Pedreros, Eva Haas, Jonas Dachs, Polina Nikitina and Saskia Jansen.

In the study, we investigate a number of factors, such as:

  • Involvement with music
  • Psychological ownership
  • Attitude towards streaming
  • Personality profiles
  • Streaming preferences
  • Behavioral patterns
  • And much more…

Thus, we would REALLY APPRECIATE if you could take some minutes of your day to answer our structured online survey and give us your impressions!

How To Participate

You can participate by clicking HERE (will open on a new window or tab) or simply answering the survey below:

Thank You

Hope the topic was interesting for you and thank you for supporting our study. Thorough time we’ll be sharing results in the site.

All the best!