Why do you love the musicians that you admire?

An explanation for the involvement lies on a subjective perception of trust from the fan towards the artist. A belief that the musician has the ability to perform and translate emotions or ideas into songs that for some reason touches us.

But what happens when no human is involved in composing the song? What if it was simply composed by an algorithm which analyses thousands of other tunes? As a listener and fan, would you feel excited or betrayed?

Moreover, would be more acceptable for companies to use AI composed music (as they are cheaper) in ads? After all, we rarely pay attention to music being played in advertisement.

Our Study

In this study, we at MusicStats.org are trying to compare and understand listeners’ perceptions towards AI generated music in two opposing contexts:

  • Contexts of high-involvement with music (e.g. Singer/songwriters and bands)
  • Contexts of low-involvement with music (e.g. Commercials, retail stores)

This survey presented here is simply the initial step, which aims to gain a general overview towards the use of AI composed music in both contexts.

The study is followed by a between-group design experiment in which participants are exposed to various experimental conditions depicting musicians and commercials of products.

With this study we aim to further understand the acceptance towards artificially created music.


You can participate by clicking HERE (will open on a new window or tab) or simply answering the survey below: