Virtual reality represents a super exciting way to engage with consumers, display products and create new forms of experiences.

There are multiple examples across different industries, such as Music, Football and Extreme Sports.

In the Music industry, virtual reality has been used broadcast shows, showcase additional content (e.g. backstage access and behind the scenes) and provide festival experiences.

One great example has been Tomorrowland. The festival has generated 360 virtual content to showcase the festival, the general servicescape and fan experience. Here is the display of the 2017 festival:

Our Study

This study presented here at aims to contribute to a recent research project. It attempts to further understand the current perception towards Virtual Reality.

The survey here displayed represents simply the descriptive stage. The overall study aims to understand the perception towards virtual reality content in the contexts of Music Festivals, Football and Extreme Sports.

Overall, the study involves the following stages:

  1. Structured Online Survey
  2. Longitudinal laboratory experiments applying Virtual reality in all three contexts across a four week period.

Through the experiment we are specifically interested in measuring how the repeated exposure to 360 VR content impacts the perceptions towards VR as a technology.

The experiment is planed to be concluded in early December 2018.

How To Participate

You can participate by clicking HERE (will open on a new window or tab) or simply answering the survey below:

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