Currently these are the main topics being addressed at


At we have a particular interest in exponential technologies due to their incredible speed of development and constant influence in societal changes. Artificial intelligence, for example, is expected by many to be the most impacting revolution to come. Brilliant minds such as Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking it may even represent a threat to humankind.

At we do not aim at developing AI technologies or music from AI. Our main focus is on listeners’ perceptions towards AI produced music, artificial creativity in general and its impact in society and in the value of art and products.


In face of ever changing  micro and macro environments, individuals behaviors and perceptions are permanently being modified. And their consumption patterns also follow such changes as consequence. However, despite societal changes, peoples’ passion and involvement with music and the emotional impact caused by music seems intact across cultures.

At we aim to investigate the consumption patterns, perceptions and behaviors of consumers beyond the music industry. This includes their behaviors towards consumption of tangible products and experiences, advertising, discussion of happiness and well-being, among other fascinating concepts.


Virtual Reality (VR) represents one of the most fascinating technologies that are quickly becoming highly accessible to users worldwide. With its incredible capacity to immerse users on a new virtual experience of telepresence, VR will change also the music industry. Fans will be able to watch live concerts of their favorite bands, “follow” them on tours, backstage and experience concerts and festivals from many different positions and locations during events.

At we wish also investigate other forms of technology experiences and innovations that can influence it, such as facial recognition. In the world of permanent technological development, we aim to test and investigate any new for of experience!