Facial Recognition Technologies (FRT) have had an incredible recent impact. 

Despite its current inaccuracies, the recent growth in use across industry sectors is truly incredible. Particularly in Asia, governments have invested millions to improve surveillance in public spaces.

But its applications go beyond simply daily situations. Facial recognition is now being heavily applied in scenarios where people (or consumers) have an hedonistic motivation.

For example: during carnival, football games and music concerts.

The main justification lies on the attempt of improving security. But the question is: can we have fun and enjoy if we know we are being watched and tracked?

This is one of the factors are trying to find out.

Our Study

This study presented here at LiveInnovation.org represents our first investigation into facial recognition technologies (FRT) and the consumption of experiences.

The survey here displayed represents simply the descriptive stage. Overall, the study aims to understand the perceived impact of FRT across three different contexts of experience consumption: music concerts, tourism destinations and shopping malls.

For each context, the following stages are conducted:

  1. Structured online survey
  2. In-depth interviews with managers
  3. In-depth interviews with consumers

The in-depth interviews will allow for a comparison between the views of managers and consumers towards the implementation of FRT and the impact on experience consumption.

How To Participate

You can participate on the structured online survey by clicking HERE (will open on a new window or tab) or simply answering the survey below:

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