Hello and welcome!

I am Berta Colom Bildstein and currently studying International Marketing Management at the IUBH University of Applied Sciences. I am now in the second semester and really happy about the decision I made. Gaining knowledge on how we think and react to given circumstances and the applications that marketers use to monitor these reactions, has definitely increased my interest for this field and I look forward to learning much more throughout my studies.

At LiveInnovation.org, I will focus on the topic music in relation with Artificial Intelligence and Technology development. In form of posts, stories and articles I will inform you about interesting topics and news.

Music can change our mood and the way we see the environment. Music can make us feel bad or make us feel happy.  Music can touch us, in a way that nothing else on this world can. It can bring us into a completely different world in minutes and make us daydream for hours.

I look forward to share my findings on music with you throughout my journey. Make sure to follow us in our other platforms so you keep up with the new content we will publish!

LinkedIn: Berta Colom Bildstein