Kateryna Hordiienko

Hi everybody! My name is Kateryna Hordiienko. I am a passionate International Marketing student at IUBH University of Applied Sciences in Germany. I am an artist and specialize in digital and traditional art, which really contributes to my role as a social media manager in LiveInnovation.org. Here in the site, I aim to contribute by writing articles as well as creating interactive and interesting posts for all of our amazing followers on our social platforms.

Music and art have played a huge part throughout my life. Personally, I get my inspiration and passion to create from many different singers and artists since I love to be involved in as many diverse areas as possible. That’s why I decided to persuade my career in the international marketing field so I can motivate others and be inspired by professionals. I believe that art, in any form, is one of the best experiences one can have in their life. Hence, my interest sphere is mostly focused on researching art and science together with questions related to them.

Right now, I am continuing to do my studies with plans on going on to get my MBA degree and of course to never stop following my dreams!

If you want to get inspired and read about thought-provoking concepts connected to marketing, music, and art, you came to the right place!

LinkedIn: Kateryna Hordiienko