Hello everyone, my name is Sarthak Oak. I am pursuing second semester of Bachelors in International Marketing Management at IUBH. I am going to contribute to the site with different and interesting articles and am going to manage, along with others, the social media platforms of LiveInnovation.org.

My association with music is quite old, as I have learned how to play Tabla, an Indian classical percussion instrument, right from the age of 9. While doing that, I started listening to different types of music while doing other everyday tasks, which eventually became my hobby to listen to different types of music. Although on Liveinnovation.org, I am not directly responsible for music and arts section, I will integrate my field of choice with music.

I will contribute on the site as social media manager with information related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Technological Advancements. The reason for choosing this particular subject to discuss at Liveinnovation.org is as an aspiring International Marketing Manager it is quite important for me to know the the ongoing trends in different industry. Only knowing the trends is not helpful but it is fundamental to interpret how the industry will steer in the future and from today’s situation, it won’t be an exaggeration if I say that, AI is definitely behind the wheel, literally!

So lets try to understand these AI and Technological developments together and LiveInnovation.org is a perfect one for me to start!

LinkedIn: Sarthak Oak