The Live AM: Artist Monitor research initiative aims to analyze perceptions and behavioral trends of musicians and music professionals across relevant markets. The purpose is to provide a valuable contribution, through descriptive data, to the music industry and its various stakeholders, academics, the media and music fans.

The focus of investigation lies on three core topics: music, marketing and technology.

We wish to understand perceptions and behavioral patterns towards topics which are relevant for the industry and society. The music industry has faced enormous challenges and so has society. Musicians have a powerful platform for change, thus understanding their perceptions are pivotal for effective change.

Finally, and importantly, the Live AM: Artist Monitor aims to generate outcomes that can support managerial actions and decisions in the music industry. This way, we believe we will contribute to a more sustainable industry for musicians, successful managerial decisions by all stakeholders involved and a more harmonious society.

Live AM - Artist Monitor
Live AM - Artist Monitor (2024) - FILM MEDIA MUSIC and AI

The 2024 edition of the Artist Monitor focuses specifically on the attitues and behaviors of media and film music professionals towards artificial intelligence. The monitor addresses questions related to current attitudes, forms of co-creation, copyrights and legislation, employability and more.

The study was done in partnership with SOUNDTRACK_COLOGNE, is Open Acess, aims to contribute to current discussions among professionals and relevant stakeholders.

This first edition of the Artist Monitor investigates the perceptions and intended behaviors of musicians and professionals in the music industry in Germany. Questions cover relevant topics to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their lives and the industry.

Results presented here, however, are not representative of their populations, as non-probability sampling techniques were applied and samples are too small for results to be generalized. Nevertheless, findings reveal relevant insights of of the situation.