Initiated in October 2020, the Live FM: Fan Monitor research initiative aims to study behavioral and perceptual trends of consumers of live music experiences. Its main purpose is to provide a valuable contribution to the music industry and its various stakeholders, academics, the media and music fans.

The focus of investigation lies on three core areas: music, marketing and technology.

We wish to understand behavioral patterns of music fans when consuming experiences in music. Also, the role of brands and organizers in creating and co-creating memorable experiences and services. Furthermore, the role of technology in innovating experiences and enabling brands to provide successful fans-oriented solutions.

Finally, and importantly, the Live FM: Fan Monitor aims to generate outcomes that can support managerial actions and decisions. This way, we believe we will contribute to a more positive consumer experience in music, successful managerial decisions by all stakeholders involved.

Cover page of the Live FM: Fan Monitor report
Cover page of the 2022 Live FM Fan Monitor report by Francisco Tigre Moura
Live FM - Fan Monitor (2020 Edition)