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List of events discussing LiveInnovation.org projects


  • Event: Soundtrack Cologne
  • Where: Cologne, Germany.
  • When: 28th of August – 1st of September
  • Role: Presenter
  • Event: EMAC (Europeran Academy Conference)
  • Where: Hamburg, Germany.
  • When: 28th-31st of May
  • Role: Presenter
  • Title of presentation: Should Brands and Bands Use Artificially Composed Music? An Investigation of High and Low Involvement Contexts
  • Event: Deutscher Musikautorepreis (GEMA)
  • Where: Berlin, Germany.
  • When: 15th of March
  • Role: Presenter
  • Title of presentation: “Artificial Creativity: Will We Appreciate Artificially Composed Music?”


  • Event: EMAC (Europeran Academy Conference)
  • Where: Glasgow, Scotland.
  • When: May 29th-June 1st
  • Role: Presenter
  • Title of presentation: Automation is the New Mozart: But How do Consumers Perceive Music Composed by Artificial Intelligence?