Student Talk is a series of interviews with students that have developed their thesis under my supervision at IUBH University of Applied Sciences on projects we have designed for and that have achieved an outstanding performance.

The main purpose of Student Talk is to showcase talented students, support their professional digital trace, highlight their ideas and hopefully inspire new students.

This time we hand over the microphone to Jillian Gehring. Jillian has been an instrumental part of, by contributing voluntarily since the development of the site in 2016. Since then, she has applied her creativity and positive professional attitude to write articles, share her ideas and manage our Facebook page.

Jillian, the stage is yours!


1. Tell us a bit about your life story, where you come from, what study program you attended at IUBH University of Applied Sciences and what your passions are.

Jillian Gehring: I have just finished studying International Marketing Management at IUBH University of Applied Sciences, in Bad Honnef. Next to university I also worked at a tour operator. My tasks there consisted of translating, writing itinerary, and helping with social media. This compliments my role at, where I have contributed by writing articles about the research we conduct together and especially provided content for our Facebook site. 

For more information you can also check out my profile here on the site 😉.

2. You provided a fantastic voluntarily contribution at since the beginning of the site. What were the main tasks that you were involved in and how did you mainly contribute to the development of the site?

Jillian Gehring: I started out with providing articles for the site, based on the research we conducted, especially on consumer behavior concerning listening behavior and concerts. In the further development of the site I have always contributed with my ideas for design and content and also mainly managed our Facebook site, with my main focus being consumer behavior and VR.

3. You started a year and half ago an internship at Studio71 in Berlin. How was the experience, what have you learned, and what were you in charge of?

Jillian Gehring: Interning at Studio71 was the most valuable and exiting experience during my studies. It was my chance to gain first hand experience in a YouTuber network, which meant I could learn all about the big trend of influencer marketing and feel what it’s like to work in a media company. My position was in sales, which meant my main task was to negotiate between brands and managers of influencers to set up advertising deals like product placements or sponsored ads.

I was super lucky with this position, as I had a lot of responsibility, I was able to learn a lot, and finally see how a network, which has a lot of similarities to a music label, works. I was also able to return there this year for my Bachelor Thesis and I am still extremely thankful for my time there!

4. Recently you started an internship at Universal Music. Which projects are you involved in now, and what do you hope to learn at the company in the remaining months?

Jillian Gehring: Right after I finished with my bachelor thesis, I started an internship at Universal Music, which has been my dream for a long time and for which I have been working very hard since starting university. My department is within the digital segment of the label and is called conception and creation.

My team is responsible for coming up with creative online campaigns and implementing them visually and technically. I assist in the creative process and by providing articles and social media posts for new releases of artists. I have also been working with the CMS of Universal Music to provide website for marketing campaigns.

Jillian Gehring.

I am now already half way through my internship and have been able to learn a lot – both about the music industry and in marketing skills. For the remaining time I am lucky to now being involved in a complete campaign of an important German artist, where I will be able to see the whole process from the first ideas until the album will be released.

5. The music industry has changed immensely due to streaming services and other entertainment options for youngsters, for example. How do you see the future of the music industry?

Jillian Gehring: Streaming is definitely (and sadly) the future of the music industry and I can even see more clearly now that the digitalization of our world is also impacting how we consume music. However, I still think the importance of concerts will remain and that trends of special physical products like limited fan-boxes, vinyls and cassettes can have a positive impact for artists.

6. Speaking of music, how important is music in your life and what does it mean to you?

Jillian Gehring: I always feel like I have a soundtrack in my head for everything that happens in my life. There is no day for me, without listening to music and singing, and I just always feel that music makes me complete. That actually sums it up pretty well 😊.

7. What have you been listening to recently? Do you have any music recommendation that everyone should search?

Jillian Gehring: Since I have started my internship at Universal, I have been confronted with so much new music and I have always been searching for new music all the time even before. There are so many amazing artists and I have been discovering many new favorites for myself. At the moment I love to listen to The 1975, Leland, Lany, Alessia Cara and Ariana Grande.

8. Finally, what are your next professional plans and how can other employers find you?

Jillian Gehring: I have been enjoying Berlin and my internship so much (there is not one single day, when I haven’t been motivated to go to the office) that I hope to do another internship at Universal, as it is such a huge label and there are so many departments and perspectives I would still like to understand.