It has been six months since March 2020, when the Covid-19 crisis changed the way humans live and interact. Entire countries have gone under strict lockdown, face masks were introduced and social distancing became the a behavioral norm.

Furthermore, the crisis created numerous economic challenges. Various industry sectors have been deeply impacted and will require a considerable amount of time to regain their vitality.

But few sectors have been as impacted as live entertainment industry, including music concerts. Human gatherings are a pivotal element of memorable live music experiences, and, in many markets, it is still unclear when normality will be reinstated.

Thus, it is vital the understanding of the perceptions of fans in order to develop future actions. Especially, given that the Covid-19 crisis has impacted countries in very distinct ways.

Therefore, with this in mind, we are now launching here on an international collaboration to investigate behavioral trends of fans of music concerts. The project is titled “Live FM: Fan Monitor“.

Overall Aim of “Live FM: Fan Monitor”

The “Live FM: Fan Monitor” research initiative aims to analyze and compare behavioral trends of consumers of live music experiences, across different national markets.The purpose is to provide a valuable contribution, through descriptive data, to the music industry and its various stakeholders, academics, the media and music fans.

The focus of investigation lies on three core topics: music, marketing and technology. We wish to understand behavioral patterns of music fans when consuming experiences in music. Also, the role of brands and organizers in creating and co-creating memorable experiences and services. Furthermore, the role of technology in innovating experiences and enabling brands to provide successful fans-oriented solutions.

Finally, and importantly, the “Live FM: Fan Monitor” aims to generate outcomes that can support managerial actions and decisions. This way, we believe we will contribute to a more positive consumer experience in music, successful managerial decisions by all stakeholders involved.

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Topics of Research

The initial intent with the “Live FM: Fan Monitor” project is to conduct it and publish results every year, or potentially, every semester.

In each edition, the studies will cover mainly four main areas of investigation: 1. Marketing and technology, 2. General behaviors during experiences, 3. Music preferences, and 4. Society and environment.

Here is a list of topics of interest within each area of investigation:

    Examples: Branding, brand activations, pricing, purchase behavior, technology, experiences, artificial intelligence and artificial creativity, social media use, consumption of real, augmented and virtual experiences, servicescape, data tracking, facial recognition technologies.
    Examples: Socialization behaviors, self-reflections, health oriented behaviors, violence and harassment during live experiences. and demographics.
    Examples: Genres, artists, styles, channels, personal behaviors towards music, devices.
    Examples: Role of brands and organizers towards sustainability, perceptions of cultural, gender and racial issues in entertainment and the natural environment.

2020 “Live FM” Edition: 4 Countries Involved and 6 Collaborators and Focus on the Covid-19 Crisis

In the 2020 version of the project (its first edition), it is inevitable that the main focus lies on topics related to the Covid-19 crisis. We investigate the fan’s perceptions towards health concerns, concert organization, brand engagement, technology innovation for new music experiences, ticket purchase behavior and more.

Also, we are more than proud to have an investigation of 4 different countries (Germany, Scotland, New Zealand and England) and 6 scholars collaborating. Here is a list of collaborators:



New Zealand


Would You Like to Participate?

In case you live in Germany, Scotland, England or New Zealand and would like to participate, simply click here of answer the survey below:

Final Thoughts

The survey will be available during the coming months. During this period, we will push it through social media, direct mail and partner with stakeholders to try and reach as many respondents as possible.

Sometime in November 2020 we will publish all the results, provide a country comparison and highlight the key insights per market.

This way, we will hope to provide a relevant contribution, not only to academics, but to the music industry and all of its stakeholders. All results will also be shared with the media.

Finally, in case you would like to somehow collaborate and partner with us, please do not hesitate to contact me. It will be an honor!