Creativity has always been my escape route. Problems are best solved, decisions best made and stress best tackled through creativity. Music is an important part of this, be it listening or playing, observing or  creating.

Education has always fascinated me and I am dedicated to educating myself further and bringing education to others. Within this I try to incorporate my creativity philosophy and develop a cross-disciplinary approach to my teaching and research.

Creativity and Education are too rarely seen as interrelated and I hope my research and teaching will do something to amend this. In particular I am interested in art and music to promote learning and consumer perceptions of various artistic media including music.


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Prof. Dr. Clare N Hindley is from the UK and has lived in Germany since 1995. She graduated from the University of North Wales, Bangor with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Classical Studies. She completed her Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics at the University of London. Her Phd in Sociolinguistics is from the University of Wales, Cardiff.

Clare has a diverse international career in business and education. She has a background in adult education including teacher training. She gained experience in Spain, the UK and Germany and was the academic manager of large language schools in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and London, UK. Prior to her Professorship at IUBH, she was the Marketing Manager of a large educational institution in Cologne.

At IUBH she lectures primarily in research methods modules and is a university research coordinator. Language, culture and communication are her main research areas with a particular interest in cross-disciplinary studies. She has contributed to several books and conference papers on a variety of subjects including consumer behavior, consumer decision making, sustainability and management education. Her recent research has focused in particular on management education, culture and sociology.