Curious to learn about the latest advances of AI and music?

Between the 13th and 15th of September, the 3rd Conference on AI Music Creativity will take place. The event is fully online and free. All you need to participate is to register on the event’s website and wait for confirmation.

The theme of this year’s conference is: “The Sound of Future Past — Colliding AI with Music Tradition“, as is described as the following on the conference’s official website:

“AI is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the music industry, allowing end users to have easy access to music experimentation and creation, for example generating original compositions, cinematic soundtracks, orchestrations, digital mastering or novel remixes from audio stems, among other things. Of course, these newly acquired affordances are not devoid of political, sociological and aesthetic implications, and shape our understanding and fruition of the musical experience. These implications are particularly salient when AI techniques & methods are applied to the generation of music modeled on traditional musical expressions and heritages. For example, AI involvement with musical traditions foregrounds issues regarding copyright, technocratic appropriation and dilution of musical expression specificities, standardization on genres, perpetuation of embedded musico-cultural biases and cliches, uniformization of the aesthetic experience as a result of indiscriminate usage of music corpora, to name but a few”.

The full program has already been released, as shown below. It will include an extraordinary selection of scholars, researchers and music professionals.


The event will also have the following keynote speakers:

1.  Nao Tokui

An artist and researcher based in Japan, the founder of Qosmo Inc., associate professor at Keio University, Head of Technology at Dentsu Craft Tokyo.

2. Dorien Herremans

Belgian computer music researcher. Herremans is currently an assistant professor in the Singapore University of Technology and Design, and research scientist at the Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR.

3. Patrick Savage

Associate Professor in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University SFC, where I direct the CompMusic lab.

Personally, I truly look forward to watching many of the presentations to update myself and derive ideas for future research. As a marketing scholar, I will listen with the intent of permanently reflecting on the impact that such technological advancements will have on humans.

Such impact can be seen through three different perspectives: musicians, listeners and the industry itself. Due to the nature of AI, changes are happening truly fast and paradigms are being created and debunked faster then ever before.

So hope you will attend the 3rd Conference on AI Music Creativity, make sure to spread the work and invite others to join this exciting field of investigation.