Automation has reached creative industries, including music. Algorithms are now capable of understanding musical patterns, and composing original songs. However, music has always been an important tool for human expression of ideas and feelings, contemplation and wonder.

Thus, how will listeners feel when thisĀ  beautiful human process is automated?

In this report I address the following timely question:

How do listeners in Germany perceive the idea of artificial intelligence composing music?


The following results are an extract from an investigation which started in 2017. The data has been collected through three different structured online surveys, shared through digital platforms, at and direct mailing in Germany. Students at IUBH University of Applied Sciences supported the data collection. The population of the study is defined as German residents and involved with music.

The combined sample size consists of 1.058 valid respondents.


To download the collection of insights with results regarding the perception of artificially composed music. Simply click on the link below or on the image of the report.

DOWNLOAD: - AI and Music Insights