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Why study Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the Music Industry?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly impacting and changing societal dynamics: From production lines, to interaction between individuals. From smart cities to creation of art.

Music fans and professionals will very soon be listening and composing music developed by AI. And it will lead to numerous implications for the Music industry. How will listeners engage with such music? How will musicians react when software are capable of independently composing musical masterpieces? Will it affect listeners trust? Should AI created songs be cheaper? Or even free? Should record labels make clear which songs are created by AI and which ones are not?

From a marketing perspective, at the moment there are many questions up in the air regarding a scenario that is expected to be deeply impacted very soon. Thus, it makes it a wonderful context to research and discuss!

Articles Discussing Music and Artificial Intelligence

Current and Previous Studies

At we focus solely on behavioral studies involving listeners’ perceptions towards AI and Music. We do not focus on software development or AI technological development.

The studies involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Music will include topics such as:

  1. General Perception of Artificial Intelligence and Music
  2. Analysis of Generation Y’s Emotional Response and Perception towards Music Produced by Artificial Intelligence
  3. AI music use in advertisement
  4. AI music and pricing

Future Research

Involving Artificial Intelligence, at we are interested in addressing the following areas of research (but not limited to them):

  • An Investigation of Musicians’ Perceptions Towards the Influence of AI on the Value of Music and Musicians in Society
  • AI Music and the Value of Music
  • The Suitability of AI Music in Advertising
  • An Investigation of Listeners’ Perceptions Towards AI Generated Lyrics and the Development of Meaning

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