In recent years, during live experiences, we have witnessed an incredible increase on the application of a fascinating technology: Holograms.

Among many applications, holograms enable 3D projections of artists that have passed away, live interactions between living and dead artists and even of fictitious characters.

For example, Whitney Houston was recently seen on a live concert, Dan Olsen not too long ago played “live” from a recording studio in London while being virtually projected. And of course, there are the classic examples of Michael Jackson and Tupac. Moreover, there are also the interesting case of avatars characters, such as K/DA.

Although being a fascinating new form of live experience, it raises important ethical questions. For example, should artists be clearer with what they wish to happen to their images after their passing?

And which companies are behind this innovative form of experiences? Who is actually developing holograms for live experiences?

I would like to share with you here a list of 17 companies. It includes organizations from the USA, Germany, Japan, UK and other countries. Please note, the aim of this list is simply to showcase companies that are developing cutting edge solutions. Therefore, for a more in-depth description of what each company is developing, please make sure to follow all the appropriate links, which are made available.

Here we go!

1. ARHT Media (Canada)

Description: The company focuses on developing holographic telepresence to be used by businesses, training and education. Visit their website for more!


2. AV Concepts (USA)

Description: The company was a co-developer behind Tupac Shakur’s appearance in Coachella 2012. They partnered with Digital Domain Wide portfolio of visual displays for events and conferences. Visit for more!


3. Base Hologram (USA)

Description: Developer of Roy Orbison, Maria Callas and Whitney Houston holograms for special live performances and tours e.g. Visit for more!


4. Crypton Future Media (Japan)

Description: The company developed and produced “Hatsune Miku” – the Japanese “Vocaloid” singer/software. Visit for more!


5. Digital Domain (USA)

Description: The company is a co-Developer of Tupac Shakur in Coachellla 2012 alongside AV Concepts.It is also responsible for the “Virtual Human” hologram of Taiwanese-Chinese artist, Teresa Teng. Visit for more!


6. EyeIllusion

Description: The company were the ones responsible for the development of Frank Zappa and Ronnie James “Dio” holograms. Visit for more!


7. Holo-Light (Germany)

Description: Developed a remote rendering SDK allowing users to stream big data XR applications in real-time. They also develop applied in AR engineering and prototyping, for example. Visit for more!


8. Holotronica (USA)

Description: The US based company develops solutions for business, festivals, an other types of live experiences. It is responsible for the holograms with multiple versions of Beyonce at the Grammys 2017. Visit for more!


9. Holoxica (UK)

Description: The UK based company responded to the global COVID-19 pandemic by focusing on videoconferencing in 3D without the need to wear glasses or headsets. truly inspiring solution! Visit for more!



Description: The company develops customizable 3D Holographic solutions for advertising, events and many others contexts. Visit for more!


11. Kaleida

Description: The company develops holograms for displays, advertisements and live recreations of significant figures. For example, they developed a promotion of the Netflix show Altered Carbon. Visit for more!


12. Microsoft

Description: Well, it is not a surprise that Microsoft would develop such solutions, right? And they sure do. Their famous hololens can be used in manufacturing, engineering,  healthcare and many other contexts. Visit for more!


13. Musion 3D (UK)

Description: The company develops digital “resurrection” or live holographic remakes of artists, politicians and other significant figures. For example, they have developed holograms for the Prime Minister of India, Narentra Modi, for Indian national election campaign in 2014. Visit for more!


14. Optoma (Taiwan)

Description: The company is the developer responsible for the holographic “live” animals for the German Circus Roncalli since 2019. Visit for more!


15. PORTL Hologram.AR.VR (USA)

Description: The company has also been developing solutions that have been applied to the political and entertainment sectors.  Visit for more!


16. Pulse (USA)

Description: The company is responsible for the extraordinary hologram of Michael Jackson, which triggered great interest from the general public and helped bring even more notoriety to the technology. Visit for more!


17. WayRay (Switzerland)

Description: The company develops AR Hologram to be used in the automotive, industrial and transportation sectors. Truly impressive applications of holograms. Visit for more!


Final Thoughts

The list here provides an overview of 17 companies, which are developing “state of the art” solutions with holograms. Obviously, the list is brief on the description of the companies, as the main goal here is simply to highlight them. Therefore I strongly suggest visiting them to gain a deeper insight on their products.

After all, we should expect to see a much greater use of holograms in the coming years. It represents a wonderful solution for live experiences and brand activation across various industry sectors.

From a marketing perspective, it enables the possibility of delivering novel experiences for consumers and stakeholders. This is extremely valuable and should be further investigated, as to how consumers may co-create live experiences with holograms. Thus, the potential is enormous. Thus, make sure to follow some of these companies and keep up with the new applications and solutions.