Marketing students often ask me: Which industry events should we visit? What are the most relevant marketing and technology innovation events taking place in Germany?

After having heard these questions a few times, I’ve decided to put down a list of marketing and tech innovation events that will take place in Germany in 2020, separated by month.

I’ve selected these based on the topics that they cover, the profile of speakers, relevance to their industry, sponsors and types of participants.

I hope it is useful not only for students, but also for industry professionals that are looking for opportunities to enhance themselves and up-date their knowledge with the latest industry trends.

Here we go!




    • When: 24-28 of February
    • Location: Hamburg, Germany.
    • Tickets: Click here.
    • Promotional video: Insights from SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK 2019.



  • Event: NEXUS
    • When: 29th of February
    • Where: Nürburgring, Germany.
    • Tickets: Click here.

MARCH 2020




APRIL 2020




  • Event: EHI Connect
    • When: 28th and 29th of April
    • Location: Cologne, Germany
    • Tickets: TBC

MAY 2020

  • Event: ADS Camp
    • When: 4th and 5th of May
    • Location: Cologne, Germany
    • Tickets: Click here.




JUNE 2020


  • Event: Contra
    • When: 4-5th of June
    • Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Tickets: click here.

JULY 2020




  • Event: GamesCom 2020
    • When: 26th-29th of August
    • Location: Cologne, Germany.
    • Tickets: Click HERE.
    • Promotional video: gamescom 2019 emotional trailer












Final Thoughts

Marketing is changing extremely fast and old practices will not solve future problems. It is vital to stay open to learn and hungry to develop oneself.

These industry events represent a wonderful opportunity for this. By simply attending one event, it is possible to network, learn from different marketing cases, share experiences and practice important soft skills.

So I hope, if you are reading this as a student or professional, that you will take the time to attend at least one of these vents and keep on developing yourself.

All the best!