Are you a marketing student, professional or simply someone with a passion for the topic?

In this article I’ve developed a list of 24 YouTube channels with content that I consider to be relevant for anyone interested in marketing. They are organized into four categories:

a. Business; b. Innovation; c. Science; and d. Entertainment/World News.

As a marketing enthusiast you should not limit yourself to watching pure marketing topics or news. Ideas come from everywhere and all fields of science. Open your mind especially for science and innovation.

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For every channel I am suggesting, there is one linked video for you. “Subscribe” to all channels and after some time keep the ones you’ve preferred or that best matches your interests. But give them all a chance!

Ps: Channels are listed in alphabetical order, under each topic.

Here we go!

TOPIC ONE: Business

Description: In this section you find a few channels that provide a general overview of business and marketing. Sometimes there will be content that will not exactly appeal to you, but with time you’ll master how to filter them.

  1. Bloomberg

  • How will it benefit you? It is an interesting channel to keep you updated with general market news and innovation cases. It will not allow you to miss the most important discussions of the week.
  • Site:

2. Harvard Business Review

  • How will it benefit you? HBR channel will provide wonderful insights in the fields of marketing, HR, finance and many others. They also have a great mix of lectures, interviews and other content formats. Truly inspiring!
  • Ps: Videos are not uploaded with high frequency. This is its main downside.
  • Site:

3. The Economist

  • How will it benefit you? One of the most relevant and trustworthy sources of information. A must follow. No more to say.
  • Site:

4. Y Combinator

  • How will it benefit you? Gain insights on start-ups, young entrepreneurs and investors. There are also plenty of interviews to inspire and give your ideas. Do not miss the interview with Elon Musk.
  • Site:

5. American Marketing Association

  • How will it benefit you? The AMA is perhaps the most prestigious marketing association. The channel will give you insights of all sorts, from skills needed to be relevant for the industry, to interviews with key authors and entrepreneurs. 
  • Site:

TOPIC TWO: Innovation

Description: It is certainly difficult to keep up with innovation. There are so many companies, start-ups, new products and services, as technology never sleeps. But find below a brief mix of AI, robotics, VR and others.

6. Boston Dynamics

  • How will it benefit you? Personally, I think BD is the most creative robotics group. Watch their videos to update yourself with cutting edge robotics. Videos are not uploaded frequently, but when they are you can be sure to see some amazing innovation.
  • Site:

7. Deepmind

8. Google

  • How will it benefit you? It is literally impossible to keep track of all projects that Google is involved in. Following their channel you will have constant updates of the various ideas they are working on. It literally covers all sectors of the industry and various technological possibilities. Watch the videos to inspire yourself!
  • Site: Really?

9. IBM Watson

  • How will it benefit you? IBM Watson is one the most advanced AI, with direct applications in health, medicine, law, music and other contexts. It is of extreme importance to follow their progress!  
  • Site:

10. MIT Technology Review

  • How will it benefit you? To start off with, it is MIT. Thus its credibility is unquestionable. The channel displays extraordinary content with innovation cases from various industries. It also displays insightful presentations from leading professionals and researchers. 
  • Site:

11. Next VR

  • How will it benefit you? Next VR is a leading VR company involved also in the live broadcasting of NBA games. It is certainly relevant to follow their progress and new services. 
  • Site:

12. Recode

  • How will it benefit you? This is an EXCELLENT channel. The Code Conferences have enabled historical interviews with tech innovators. My favorite is the debate with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Truly inspiring!
  • Site:

13. Singularity University

  • How will it benefit you? First of all, SU is an incredible think tank founded by Peter Diamandis. If you are interested in knowing how exponential technologies will affect the future or planet earth, then you HAVE TO follow their work. Honestly, follow their discussions.
  • Site:

14. Tested

  • How will it benefit you? It is a fun channel led by Adam Savage. It tests and discusses innovative products. There are also very inspiring interviews and discussions. 
  • Site:

15. The Verge

  • How will it benefit you? The Verge updates viewers with great content related to innovation, new products and services, for example. It is a channel I like to follow to have an overview of innovation.
  • Site:


Description: All great marketers were people with a good sense of other areas of science and also of the world. Enrich your general knowledge and you will have many more creative solutions and understanding of complex problems.

16. Big Think

  • How will it benefit you? I watch this channel quite frequently because it contributes to enhancing our general knowledge and make us reflect about important human issues, among many other topics. 
  • Site:

17. MIT Open Course Ware

  • How will it benefit you? It represents an opportunity for students to expand their general knowledge by watching lectures and discussion with leading MIT staff.  
  • Site:

18. TED

  • How will it benefit you? TED conference presentations have become one of the best ways to feel inspired while listening to interesting science topics from a global perspective.  
  • Site:

19. TEDx Talks

20. Two Minute Papers

  • How will it benefit you? Wonderful and quick way to get to be informed of interesting studies across many fields.
  • Site: Not found.

21. World Economic Forum

  • How will it benefit you? For me it is one of the most important channels on YouTube. You will learn and update yourself with societal topics ranging from politics, to science, to business and innovation. The conference debates are simply extraordinary. 
  • Site:

TOPIC FOUR: Entertainment and World News

Description: Finally, it is also important to have fun. But what if you can have fun and be informed at the same time? Even better. Here are two suggestions of how you can do so:

22. Fight Mediocrity

  • How will it benefit you? Fight Mediocrity is an interesting channels for the ones who would like to be informed by interesting books, but have little time to read them or simply do not have the patience. Please be aware: I recommend you to read the books, as nothings substitutes it! Nonetheless, the channel can also be a fast and interesting way of reaching the content. 
  • Site:

23. Last Week Tonight

  • How will it benefit you? John Oliver, a super funny and charismatic comedian, discusses weekly timely and relevant topics. His humor certainly makes it easier and more interesting to follow relevant global issues. In other words, you will have a smart laugh!
  • Site:

24. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Final Thoughts

Obviously there are many other channels that are equally, if not more, interesting than the ones listed here. But by watching these regularly you will certainly be constantly updated with all main issues happening in the industry and also in society.

You’ll be able to contribute much more to your work and university and you will find yourself suddenly with many more interesting ideas to work with or contribute to others.

So I hope the list is useful for you as it is to me and let me know which other channels you believe I should add.

I would certainly enjoy editing the list to improve it!