The potential of Virtual Reality (VR) to create a fast and long-lasting immersive experience has been vastly discussed. Consequently, there is currently a fast-moving competition across various start-ups across the globe to deliver relevant, innovative and affordable content for uses and stakeholders

In this article I’ve selected what I believe are 5 of the most interesting start-ups delivering incredible VR content to very different industries: Music, Gaming, Sports broadcasting and much more.

So let’s have a look at them!


Company’s Own Description:Exploiting the opportunities of Immersive Technologies like Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and 360º content VRTIFY has created the technology to transform any Music Content into a full Immersive Experience available on every device and platform: VR Headsets, MR Goggles, Web, Mobile (iOS & Android) and Smart TVs.

Artists and Music Producers can create their own Channels, where they can manage and distribute their immersive content. Thanks to our encryption algorithm artists will have total control over their content.

Users can easily discover new immersive music content by surfing all the available channels on VRTIFY, and take their own music, by connecting with any music service provider like Spotify, Deezer or Soundcloud, to a new level of experience it“.


Company Case: Live Concerts (Behind The Scenes)

In this detailed video the company explains exactly the logistics and positioning of its cameras to provide an immersive experience for the user. It is an insightful explanation of how the set-up are made, different types of cameras and more. All to provide the best immersive music experience possible. Really fascinating!

2. SONY Lost in Music

Company’s Own Description: “Join us on a journey to the edge of reality as we bring together the hottest Sony Music acts with groundbreaking PlayStation® VR technology to create unforgettable new musical experiences.

We are on a mission to push the boundaries of music and tech and we want you to come along for the ride. PlayStation® VR is at the heart of this mission and we want you to experience what this incredible new force can do beyond just gaming. So get ready for a series of immersive experiences and online events that will take you to the edge and beyond”.

Company Case: The Chainsmokers at South by Southwest Festival (SXSW)

The partnership between Sony Music and PlayStation allowed users to experience music while immersing in the content of their PS4 devices. The video below shows a bit of what happened at the festival but unfortunately does not really show the idea behind “Lost in The Music”.

Thus in order to have a more accurate idea please have a look here directly into the Sony website.

3. mbryonicCompany’s Own Description: We are moving from the age of ownership to a new age of experiences. The social currency of today is not so much what you possess but what you do. And in the world of virtual reality, what you can do is limited only by your imagination.

For those who are willing to take them, the opportunities are huge. Brands can move beyond product-centric communications to create rich immersive experiences that reflect the lifestyles and values they embody. Artists can express new ideas and visions in ways that redefine the concept of creativity. And organisations can engage diverse audiences and interact with them in striking new ways.

At Mbryonic, we believe this is the tipping point where augmented and virtual realities become one of the dominant new mediums of the 21st century. With technical expertise, commercial know-how and creative flair, we can help you start your journey”.

Company Case: Amplify VR

Why only listen to the music if you can also interact with it?

One interesting example from their company is Amplify VR. It represents a very innovative way to interact with the music that is being played, providing a new form of immersion and a new form of music experience. Extremely creative!

4. NextVR

Company’s Own Description: “NextVR is driven by a single question—How do we get seven billion people closer to the events they love?

Seven years in the making, NextVR has now developed and patented the technology and built the only platform that can deliver live events in virtual reality with the energy and the passion of a truly immersive experience”.

Company Case: NBA Through VR? Oh Yes. 

The response has been so extraordinary that FOX Sports, Live Nation, NBC Sports, HBO/Golden Boy, Turner Sports, and CNN have all partnered with NextVR to create a wide range of scheduled programs and highlights to deliver a truly immersive experience to their dedicated fans. Have a look at Danny Kenes, the VP of content talking to CBS about their partnership to broadcast NBA games live. Yes, live!

Are you interested? Then click on the photo below to know the schedule of games and how to view NBA through VR provided by NextVR.

5. Firstvision

Company’s Own Description: “We are wearable electronics pioneers and market leaders in subjective viewing, capturing athletes’ POV (Point of View) in official tournaments. FIRSTVISION’s mission is to develop products that bring the true reality of sports closer to the fans. To do this, we integrate the most advanced audiovisual and radio transmission technology into elite athletes’ kits and protections. We are the only company in the world capable of transmitting an athlete’s point of view, live, during an official match or tournament”.

Company Case: The Eye Of Iniesta (F.C. Barcelona)

Imagine yourself watching a football match seeing exactly what the player is seeing. This is exactly the point of this technology. To give the viewer the vision of the player. With this concept in mind, Firstvision is developing on-body cameras to provide an innovative broadcasting experience.

In this case, through the vision of a player famous for seeing and understanding more of the game than other players: The great “Andrés Iniesta”.

There is So Much More to Come…

Be prepared. There is so much more interesting content coming up soon. As seen, sports and experience broadcasting is changing through VR, and there is much more content on the way.

Personally, I cannot wait until I see worldwide broadcasting of music events such as concerts, festivals and award ceremonies. And there are so many other possibilities of music or even sports content that can be better displayed through VR:

  • Broadcasting of Rehearsals
  • Broadcasting of Recording Sessions
  • Behind the Tour Scenes
  • Meet and Greet Sessions
  • Media Interviews and Q & A sessions
  • Virtual Stores of Instruments, and;
  • Virtual Ticket Purchasing

Therefore thanks to companies such as the ones listed above we will soon have the option of access to much more innovative content.

Keep them coming!