Are you a marketing student or professional interested in gaining new insights on various behavioral and industry topics but has not time?

Listen to podcasts!

I have gathered a few interesting podcasts that can help you achieve exactly that.  Podcasts are an interesting and fun way of learning. In case you are a busy worker with not much time to catch up with recent topics or to read, then it is perfect for you.

Try listening to them while on the car, public transport or when you can. They will certainly help you achieve that!

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Here we go!

1. Hidden Brain

Description: Hidden Brain is one my favorite podcast. Hosted by the charismatic Shankar Vedantam, the show discusses behavioral psychology with evidences from recent and classic studies, interviews with researchers and participants.

In case you have a special interest for “consumer behavior”, this is MUST listen podcast.

Where to listen: iTunes Podcasts and on their official site.

2. Wired 

Description: The Wired podcast is truly insightful. Led by James Temperton,  it discusses various topics involving technology and business. Personally I listen to it due to the great discussions over new tech products and the future technologies.

Where to listeniTunes Podcasts.

3. HRB Ideacast

Description: The podcast from Harvard Business Review is really special. In face of their incredible network and credibility, the podcast has access to CEO’s from large global companies in the world, such as Amazon and Starbucks, and leading researchers. During the show they discuss various business topics, such as marketing, leadership and finance.

Where to listen: iTunes Podcast and Soundcloud.

4. McKinsey Podcast 

Description: The McKinsey Podcast is also extraordinary. They cover a series of extremely timely topics such as artificial intelligence, globalization, sustainability, and obviously, consumer behavior. Also a must listen!

Where to listen: iTunes Podcast, official website, Player FM, and PodBay.

5. Singularity Weblog

Description: Are you interested in the impact of exponential technologies, futurism, arts and entertainment and provocative discussions? Well, you will not find a better podcast for it. Plus, they have interviews with brilliant minds such as Noam Chomsky.

Where to listen: iTunes Podcast, YouTube, SoundCloud. 

6. Freakonomics

Description: The podcast is part of the Freakonomics “project” (so to say). The authors Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner started with the best-seller book Freakonomics where they discussed extremely interesting behavioral studies (among other topics!). The book because so popular it extended to a radio show, a second book, and a podcast. It is really fun and insightful! Highly recommend it to you!

Where to listen: Official website, iTunes Podcast.

7. Waking Up – Sam Harris

Description: Waking up is an excellent podcast that discusses neuroscience and provides deep insights into the human mind. Topics such as death, political ideals, human behavior and religion are debated through interviews with experts and leading people in the field. Very inspirational!

Where to listen: Official website, Soundcloud, iTunes Podcast.

8. Invisibilia

Description: Like Hidden Brain, Invisibilia is a podcast hosted by NPR (National Public Radio). It discusses “invisible” forces that influences and shapes human behavior. These includes ideas, beliefs, emotions and many other factors. Inc case you have a particular interest in consumer behavior, you must also listen to it. Truly inspiring!

Where to listen: Official website, iTunes Podcast and Soundcloud.

Final Thoughts

From now on your car rides, waiting times on pubic transport or the doctor’s waiting room will be much more constructive.

I suggest you download them and after a while you will know which one suits more your personal taste and needs.