Hello my dear friend, thinking of writing a bachelor or Masters thesis? I have good news for you!

Well, well, well.. I’m glad to share with you that we have launched a e-book named “Sounds Like A Thesis” to help you with your writing process.

The e-book covers all stages of the thesis writing. I starts with how to develop a thesis idea, and goes all the way to supporting your thesis presentation. Hopefully we will make the writing process more interesting and fun for you.

Also, the idea was also to write in the most accessible way possible and have a nice design. So I have tried my best to include a few jokes, some interesting figures and a lot of music recommendations.

The e-book is based on years of content I have written for students, and made available, through articles on the “Thesis writing” section at LiveInnovation.org.

The e-book is also a collaboration with my dear friend Prof. Dr. Clare Hindley from IU UNiversity of Applied Sciences.

To download your copy of “Sounds Like A Thesis” and start your journey is super simple! Simply click here or the image below and visit the thesis writing section at LiveInnovation.org and there you will find it!

Cover of the e-book “Sounds Like A Thesis”.

The e-book also has an interesting fact: all chapters are named after songs. How great is that? For example, how to develop your thesis idea is “The Masterplan”, by Oasis. Introduction chapter? “Start me up”, by the Rolling Stones. Literature review? “The Long and Winding Road”, by The Beatles.

Here is the full TABLE CONTENTS OF THE E-BOOK. Or better saying, the full SETLIST!

    1. Welcome to the jungle (Guns n’ Roses):  INITIAL CONSIDERATIONS
    2. The Masterplan (Oasis): DEVELOPING A THESIS IDEA
    3. Start me up (Rolling Stones): INTRODUCTION CHAPTER
    4. The long and winding road (The Beatles): LITERATURE REVIEW
    5. Don’t stop me now (Queen): METHODOLOGY CHAPTER
    6. Now that I found you (Liam Gallagher): RESULTS CHAPTER
    7. So what (Miles David): CONCLUSIONS CHAPTER
    8. I may be wrong (Dave Brubeck): RESEARCH LIMITATIONS
    9. Let’s do it (Ella Fitzgerald): MANAGERIAL RECOMMENDATIONS
    10. The scientist (Coldplay): THESIS PRESENTATION

And what is even better is: you can listen to the full soundtrack on Spotify!

Still hoping for more content on thesis writing? No worries at all. On the “Thesis writing” section at LiveInnovation.org you will find not only the e-book, but a series of articles on thesis writing, separated by each stage of the writing process.

And not only that, you will also find a YouTube series where I briefly discuss with you the details of each section of your thesis. Here is the series:

Alright, now you have all the information you might need to start writing your thesis and conduct an excellent research project.

I hope the e-book and all additional content is useful for you and also that you can enjoy the thesis writing process. So have fun listening to the tunes, developing your ideas and making them happen.

As Charlie Chaplin once said, “imagination means nothing without doing”.