After a few suggestions from students, I have finally uploaded the SOUNDS LIKE A THESIS video series, which was previously exclusive on YouTube, to Spotify. From now on the content of each episode can be seen and heard in the new platform.

I hope that distributing the series through new channels will allow it to reach different audiences and help even more students in their thesis writing journey.

And what does the thesis writing series include? Here is the list of episodes:

To watch or listen the series, simply click below to start the journey!


SOUNDS LIKE A THESIS is an e-book, which provides easy-to-read guidance to students writing their Bachelor or Masters thesis. It covers all stages of the thesis writing process, as listed above on the topics of the episodes.

Essentially, it takes you from the conceptualization of the thesis idea all the way until your presentation. Oh, and to make it a bit fun, all chapters are named after songs and the full playlist can also be heard on Spotify. For example, the find song which described the start of the theis writing journey is “Welcome to the Jungle”, by Guns and Roses. Defining the research idea is “The Masterplan”, by Oasis.Here is the full playlit of the e-book:

The main motivation I had to start this series was the fact that every semester students would ask me the same questions, and have the same doubts.

Consequence? I would answer always the same things. Now after writing the e-book and developing the video series, the proces of supervising students became much more efficient. Students read and watch the content prior to meetings, and when we meet the focus lies on actual research ideas and concepts, rather than explaining what each chapter should include.

That is when efficiency meets inspiration and better theses are written.

So I hope that the series, now available also on Spotify, and the e-book, will help you on your thesis writing journey.

Have a beautiful day, my friend.