Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) is potentiality the next most disruptive innovation to impact our privacy.

Currently there multiple applications for FRT. Some include: unlocking of smartphones, passenger tracking in airports, cinemas and shopping malls and stores. 

Thus, we currently live in a “Race for Face” where multiple stakeholders strive for FRT supremacy. According to Korea Herald, Hyundai Mobis alone plans to invest 5.5 Billion dollars solely in FRT.

There are multiple reasons or justifications for the implementations of such technology. First, its impact in crime reduction and enhanced security perceptions. Second, the possibility to best track behavior for future customization of offers and services.

But who has joined the “Race for Face”?

Obviously there are currently multiple players. But I have selected here 12 examples of companies that are impacting the field by developing state of the art FRT.

Here we go!

List of Companies Producing FRT – Facial Recognition Technologies

1. SenseTime (China)

SITE: www.sensetime.com


2. Megvii (China)

SITE: megvii.com

3. Ayonix Corporation (Japan)

SITE: ayonix.com

4. Gemalto (Netherlands)


5. Cognitec (Germany)

SITE: cognitec.com

6. FaceFirst (USA)

SITE: facefirst.com

7. FacePhi – Beyond Biometrics

SITE: facephi.com

8. RealNetworks (USA)

SITE: realnetworks.com

9. Faceter (USA)

SITE: faceter.io

10. AnyVision (Israel)

SITE: anyvision.co

11. Reconova (China)

SITE: reconova.com

Source: reconova.com
Source: reconova.com

12. Ever AI (USA)

SITE: ever.ai

Source: ever.ai

Final Thoughts

Facial recognition technology requires an urgent debate for regulation. It represents a technology which is extremely invasive and puts at risk the privacy of all citizens, especially in urban centers.

Will it achieve and deliver greater security and convenience for humans? The answers are still far from being addressed.

The actions from the American congress to regulate FRT must move as fast the technological development. But the discrepancy between the agility of the private sector and the slow pace of governmental structures is a reality.

So do not be surprised if you are already being watched and tracked.