Consumer Behavior

Why Study Consumer Behavior (CB) within the Music Industry?

From a marketing perspective, the Music industry represents one of the most exciting  and challenging industries to research on: Listeners all over the world are highly passionate for their favorite genre and artists, music is listened to daily in high amounts.

However, due to the digitization of music records brought by the Internet, listeners are no longer willing to pay for music as in the past decades. Thus musicians and record labels face a huge challenge of creating new streams of revenues. Moreover, due to the development of new mobile devices the consumption of music has also changed.

Thus, in face of all such recent changes, understanding the behavior and perceptions of listeners is pivotal for the industry. Here at we are highly excited with the prospects of researching and addressing many of these issues in the near future!

Articles Discussing Music and Consumer Behavior

Current and Previous Studies

Here is a list of studies involving Consumer Behavior (CB) and the Music consumer:

  1. Behavioral Overview of the Music Consumer
  2. An Investigation of the Perception Towards Different Music Album Formats
  3. An Investigation of Streaming Services
  4. The Understanding of Vinyl Buyers

Future Research

At we are interested in addressing the following areas of research (But not limited to them):

  • Music Consumption by Senior Listeners
  • Price Perception of Online Music Products and Services
  • An Investigation of Live Concert Experience in Different Venue Sizes
  • Influence of Music Genre on the Retail Environment
  • Influence of Music on Destination Image
  • Investigation of Illegal Downloading Practices of Music Products
  • Cross-Device Usage for the Consumption of Music Products

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