As we enter 2023, I am excited to announce the launch of the 2022 edition of the Live FM: Fan Monitor report.

Funded by IU International University of Applied Sciences, the Live FM: Fan Monitor report surveys music fans in Germany. The overall aim is to identify and understand attitude and behavioral trends among fans. This is the third edition of the project (started in 2020), and the 2022 edition surveyed 1,290 music fans in Germany about their perceptions towards:

    • Technology innovation (AI, FRT and VR);
        • AI: Artificial Intelligence and creativity
        • FRT: Facial recognition technologies
        • VR: Virtual reality
    • Sustainable consumption
        • Sustainable consumption during concerts
        • Communication of sustainable consumption

The report provides valuable insights for industry stakeholders and policymakers, helping them to understand the needs and preferences of music fans and make informed decisions about the future of the music industry.


The 2022 edition of the Live FM: Fan Monitor revealed important insights regarding the perceptions of music fans in Germany. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI): respondents are somewhat positive towards its implementation in music. However, educational level, and especially interest in technology innovation, are strong predictors of the acceptance
  • Virtual reality (VR) is perceived as a cutting-edge technology, but ownership and purchase intentions remain low. The interest in consuming music related content in VR also remains low. Virtual experiences are also perceived as not being as enjoyable as real-life ones.
  • Facial recognition technologies (FRT) and personal privacy remains a very important issue. Acceptance of its use during hedonic events remains very negative. Overall, fans demand venues to inform if it is being used.
  • Sustainable consumption: Attitude towards sustainability and climate change remains very positive. However, it is not clearly reflected in actual sustainable consumption behavior during concerts. In general, respondents reported having made only minor changes to their consumption behaviors, with greater adoption from female and highly educated respondents.

    Sustainable consumption behaviours were mostly seen in practices such as mobility, litter disposal, electronic tickets and plastic reduction. More advanced practices, such as carbon offsetting for flights or purchase of circular merchandise, were considerably less common.

    Finally, respondents believe artists can influence fans to behave sustainably and believe it is their role to do so. Once again, educational level was an important factor to predict the acceptance of musicians in raising awareness to sustainability related issues.


To downlaod the report, simply click on the image below or visit the webpage of the project.

Cover page of the 2022 Live FM Fan Monitor report by Francisco Tigre Moura




2023 will witness a drastic acceleration in the use of artificial creativity and new forms of virtual experiences in the entertainment sector. It will also see the rise of innovative sustainable solutions for live experiences, and hopefully a fast adoption by fans.

In view of this expected scenario, we hope to address timely questions in this year’s edition. To do so, we aim to develop partnerships with industry stakeholders, and hopefully extend the scope of the project.

But for now, I hope you find the report easy to follow, insightful and relevant.

See you later in the year, for the 2023 edition of the Live FM: Fan Monitor.