Are you currently writing your dissertation or thesis?

Every semester I have many students developing bachelor or Masters research projects. And writing it can be quite a difficult task which requires support.

For this reason, over years I have developed an entire section here on for THESIS PREPARATION ranging from the conceptualization of an idea until the colloquium preparation.

But given the students’ interest, I have decided to go a step further and record a video series explaining some of the concepts and ideas I had written in the articles.

Video Series: Thesis/Dissertation Tips

The series is comprised of 9 videos, covering the following topics:

  1. Developing your research idea
  2. Writing the introduction chapter
  3. Writing the literature review
  4. Methodology chapter
  5. Writing your results
  6. Writing your conclusions
  7. Limitations of your research
  8. Managerial recommendations
  9. Colloquium/oral defense preparation

So here we go.

Make yourself some nice popcorn, sit back, open a drink and let me tell you a few stories:

Final Thoughts

I honestly hope the series is useful somehow to marketing or management students across the globe. Sometimes it only takes a few suggestions to unlock an idea and for a project to move forward.

And to finish off as I usually said in the series: All the absolute best, take and bye bye.