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The joy of every student is completing his or her research paper. Be it a degree or a class project, the result should be presentable. Therefore its presentation is significant to the overall grade, hence the person or firm offering the thesis printing and binding services should be credible, effective and on time.

Before settling on the service provider, the student should understand how and where the printing will be done and which technique will be used to bind. This article will explain what to watch out during the process.

What I Need to Know when Printing and Binding My Thesis

If it is your first time for printing and binding a thesis, this article will provide all the necessary information needed to create a good impression on the presentation. The measurements used to bind and paper size when printings are some of the technical aspects explained.

Key Features When Printing My Thesis

For any thesis printing job, the following are important elements:

    • Printing Color: The printing can either be done in black and white or colored.
    • Paper: Quality and thickness is crucial here.
    • Price: What is the best price for printing your thesis, which is appropriate and what features allow you to save money.

The above printing concerns are summarized in the table below.

Key Features when Printing your Thesis


Printing Color: based on your printing budget, you can choose either black and white (cheaper) or colored (expensive) printing. There might be some pictorials and aesthetics that will consume some colors. Ensure that they are not too much to erode the academic caliber needed.
Paper: the commonly used paper for printing is the 80g/m². However, it is not advised as the back-to-back printing on such a thin paper affects the quality of the presentation. For academic papers, 100g/m² paper is recommended. Before printing, ensure you have the right paper quality. Insist on taking 100g/m² paper quality and above for a good print. Experienced stationary shop attendants will recommend a paper with a higher quality, especially writings with pictures and multiple colors. There are online printing services who offer you the 100g/m² paper as standard.
Price: the cost of production is dependent on paper quality, printing and the preferred color. Settle on the fairest price for the printing job and use the recommended binding technique without compromising the quality of the output.

Binding a Thesis: What you Need to Know

Binding is a precision technique which most students might not be aware of. The type of binding chosen should be adjusted to the size of the paper, in terms of page number as well as importance. For example: leather book binding is the best option in printing and binding the dissertation as it has the capacity and an attractive presentation. Spiral binding, in turn, is appropriate for term papers, thanks to the smaller size.


Most tertiary institutions have their guidelines on printing and binding. Learners should endeavor to find out if such requirements are applicable for conformity. If your institution does not have any guidelines on the topic, this article will show you the objective way to print and bind your thesis before you hand it over for approvals.

When printing and binding your thesis, you can choose different types of bindings. We want to describe the most frequent ones chosen for theses, so that you can easily decide which type is perfect for you.

1. Leather Book Binding

Leather book binding is the most preferred form for a Research Paper, Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or a dissertation. It is durable and has a high-class appearance. At BachelorPrint, leather book binding can be embossed, have corner protectors or come with a bookmark. These add-ons make the final product more appealing.

2. Thermal Binding

What scores for the thermal binding is its simple & classic design. The top cover is transparent, which enables the reader to see the cover page of your thesis at first glance. The back cover can be in a color of your choosing, with leather-like structure to compliment the look. This type of suits relatively smaller thesis papers and research paper print-outs.

3. Softcover

The creativity used on softcover is second to none as the cover of this binding can completely be designed and printed the way you want it. This way, it not only gives enough room to customize the cover page, it has room for logos, different fonts and sizes, pictorials and designs. This open room for creativity should not be overused as too much of variant designs might spoil the intended message. The professional presentation of the research paper must be upheld.

4. Spiral Binding

Spiral binding is the simplest to do and the most approachable. Its approach on the cover page is similar to thermal binding. The binding is available in a variety of colours for the back page. The cover page is transparent while the pages are fastened by a spiral bind which allows movement between the individual pages. The spirals are available either in plastic or metal, depending on the look you want to give your paper.

Overview of the Types of Bindings

Where Do I find a Good Place for Printing and Binding my Thesis?

We have researched possible online service providers for printing a thesis. A lot has been considered; flexibility, quality and a credible supplier. Flexibility touched on the ease in assessing the service provider’s profile and calling in for business at the comfort of your sit. Quality touched on the printing material used and the production process while credibility is vested in time and customers’ feedback. LogoBachelorPrint has all the qualities of good printing and has good materials to bind any research paper; big or small. Its production processes are seamless and the output qualities are top-notch. Their business model advantage include:

    • Express shipping is FREE, allowing delivery of your thesis in good time.
    • There is a 3D preview of how the final binding will look like, including a look-inside function
    • High-quality printing papers and fair pricing.

Getting the Best from Your Thesis

The time spent and energy used when writing a thesis are significant sacrifices. With our insights in getting your research paper or term paper to a good printing service, we ensure every aspect is handled perfectly. The decision on how to do it lies with the thesis owner, but if everything discussed in this article is anything to go by, BachelorPrint is an authority in this field.

Successful thesis creation.

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