Do you play guitar? No? (Honestly, what is happening to humanity…). Ok, but have you ever tried to learn? If you haven’t, I’ll tell you how it goes: The first six months sucks!

You will feel like the dumbest person on the planet because you will try to move from a simple “G major” chord to an “A major” chord, then to a “D major” chord (because with these three chords you can play 1,267 songs from the “Ramones”) and it will sound horrible! That’s when many people simply give up.

But… If you persist you will eventually learn and develop the amazing ability to play an instrument and carry that ability for the rest of your life.

Statistics is exactly the same!

Just hang on and I promise that you will see how amazing statistics can be! (maybe not as impressive with the ladies though and it may ruin your social skills. Other than that, it’s great!).

So my goal here is to show you an initial view of statistics and how it can be EASY and pretty interesting.

In order to help you, I’ve developed a guide of how to conduct a few tests directly on SPSS. Overall the guide covers the following topics:

  • Types of variables
  • How to prepare the variable sheet (On SPSS)
  • How to conduct statistical tests on SPSS
  • How to report results
  • Descriptive statistics (Frequencies and Means)
  • Pearson’s Chi-Square Test
  • Comparing groups of means
    • Independent Sample t-Test
    • Paired Sample t-test
    • One-Way ANOVA


DOWNLOAD the SPSS Guide: - SPSS Guide and Statistical Tips.pdf

DOWNLOAD SPSS File: – SPSS Table – Research Resource


But please keep in mind: This is only a supporting material at bachelor level. It aims to provide support for students during research courses. Thus make sure to complement it with statistics and research methods books.

Suggestion of Additional Material

For further explanations and more in-depth understanding of the topic I would personally recommend the following books:

PS: As you can see, I only recommend books from Andy Field. Simply because I think he is by far the best author on the topic (and he is also very passionate about music, despite having questionable taste. Buy his books and you will understand why!).

Also, I have developed a few tutorials to show you how to conduct these tests and more on SPSS. Just have a look below!

Support with Thesis Preparation

Here at we have more material to support you develop your thesis. Check the Research Resources section of our site. I have developed a wide range of documents with tips to help you with your thesis preparation.

Enjoy the ride!

Obs: And when you finish your thesis, please get back to trying to learn how to play the guitar or any other musical instrument.

Life will be much better afterwards!