Here we go for another SPSS tutorial, this time to show you a new test: Chi-Square.

Chi-Square is a test of association between two categorical variables. It does NOT explain causality, but it allows the determination if there is an association among the two (or more) categorical variables.

For this reason, Chi-Square is a very common test used in marketing. For example, when managers wish to know if there is association between:

  • Type of product sold and month of the year
    • e.g. Is there an association between buying the month of the year and the type of wine that consumers buy?
  • Customer characteristic and product bought
    • e.g. Do consumers with different educational level have specific preferences for the films they watch?
  • Type of service delivered and additional services consumed
    • e.g. Which types of services guests of 5-Star hotels book more often compared to guests of 3-Star hotels?

In all of the examples described above, the marketing researcher wishes to know if there is an association between the two variables.

Furthermore, a Chi-Square test also reveals a thorough distribution of all variables being tested. For this reason, it is an extremely common and useful test!

Ps: Explaining in details the test is beyond the purpose of this article. For any additional information, I suggest you dig deeper into the work of Andy Field.


Here is a step-by-step of how you can conduct a Chi-Square test in SPSS:


There you go! one more statistical test that you can now conduct!

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