Often complaint of students complain that it is impossible to make good graphs with SPSS.

And to be honest, I agree. There are many limitations to making graphs in SPSS. And this is why usually I always develop my graphs for research papers, theses (when I did my PhD) in Excel.

Every time when you run a statistical test in SPSS, a new window appears with of your results. This is called the OUTPUT page.

And it is possible to have all of your output results in different formats, suitable for Word, PDF and Excel. And once the data is in Excel, for example, you can make extraordinary graphs and much more!

Check the tutorial below and simply follow the steps!


Here is a step-by-step of how you can export all your results (Outputs) from SPSS to other formats:


I’m telling you, my friend: SPSS really doesn’t bite. And with a few simple clicks you can allow great insights and ideas to become projects!

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